Epiphany will be a new Church for Gloucester City and the surrounding area.

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Sunday Night Fellowship

Right now we are in an early stage of establishing a Church in Gloucester City by God’s grace!  At first, we met at Pastor Joe’s house for Bible Study, now we meet for an informal time of worship, prayer, teaching, and discussion at the King Street Pub at 5 pm on Sunday Nights.  Afterward, we share a meal together.  You are welcome to bring something to share, but if you can’t or forget, don’t worry there is always enough.

We have three goals for our Sunday Night Fellowship

Grow closer together as a family.  We want to build a foundation of love, concern, prayer and practical support with each other, as we seek to plant a Church that serves the community.

Grow deeper in our faith, through bible teaching, prayer, and worship.  As we grow closer to the Lord we also grow closer to each other.  While we love to go deep, we also make sure everything is understood by everyone.  We won’t compromise but we do work to make everything as clear as possible.

Growing clearer in our calling, while our gatherings are informal, our calling is serious.  We are here not only to comfort each other, but to also challenge each other,  to live unselfish lives for the Lord and for the community He has placed us.  Come on out and learn how you can help serve and be apart of helping establish a new church!

Kids are also very welcome!  We have planned games and bible lessons for them every week.

Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Joe at  PastorJoe@EpiphanyGloucester.org or 856-432-2118 if you have any questions.  We hope to see you this Sunday night!

For directions to the King Street Pub.

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Theology on Tap

The purpose of Theology on Tap.

To create a relaxed space to take in the deeper questions of life, morality, God and more without fear of judgment.   Seekers, strugglers, devout, whatever, you are welcome.


*Theology on Tap is off for the summer & will resume in September.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  The first half of the night we just eat, drink and catch up and the second half we have a moderated discussion on the ‘big issues’ of life (such as science, morality, anger, suffering and more).

This is NOT a lecture, and it is NOT a Christian service (no prayers, no Bible readings etc…)   The win for us is to get to know each other over some cold drinks and talk about real issues with a group of folks coming from a variety of backgrounds, some religious others who aren’t.

Appetizers are always on us.

Directions to O’Donnells are below.  There is room for you to just show up; you won’t regret it.